How to do a paid newsletter, Thoughts on Patreon, Paywall y/n – suggested reading

Lenny Rachitsky (Ex-Airbnb manager) published a nicely designed set of charts (“How I launched a Paid Newsletter”). An easily digestable 67-clicks-guide about a (up to now) successfull launch of a paid Substack.


Will Patreon survive big platforms’s own monetizing schemes? And why is it so popular with video and audio creators but not with writers? Follow Simon Owens’s tour de force through the history and philosophy of Patreon and judge for yourself: do you follow his reasoning?

Notwithstanding we all sharing the impression that legacy media more and more puts its content behind a paywall, the question IF they should set up a paywall still seems to linger in big publishing houses. That’s at least the impression this blogpost of a manager of a B2B-service provider gives. He wants to help news publishers find and answer the right questions when they think about going paid. Many of these Q&As might be of help to you, if you think about the same basic question for whatever kind of content in whichever format you are publishing.

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