OnlyFans, OnlyMentors, Only Insta – suggested reading

With OnlyFans, sex workers have found a fascinating way of getting paid for posting and chatting and doing all those things, social media allows you to do. Except that conventional social media wouldn’t allow them to post exactly what they are posting on OnlyFans.

Stuff which is not safe for children or NSFW (not safe for work, as they label it). OnlyFans is a dedicated place for publishers to get paid for publishing erotic or even explicit sexual content. But now, the platform is rumoured to try to get rid of exactly this kind of content in order to tap the much bigger universe of conventional content, reports Rolling Stone.

An offspring to OnlyFans is OnlyMentors. Here, OnlyFans-publishers find advice on how to market their ‘services’. Of course, they have to pay for this coaching. Nofilter found this fascinating example of the ramifications in the digital selfPublishing-universe.

How influencers best tap their audience is a puzzle yet to solve. Certainly, there are some promising approaches (Instagram close friends list, Patreon, …), but up to now they often are workarounds. Now Instagram seems to start working on proper solutions for its publishers. If you are an influencer from the US, UK or Ireland you might be able to ‘fundraise’, i.e. ask your fans to support you with a one-time payment.

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