Who grows the fastest? When you should start monetizing. Podcasts going paid – suggested reading

Eric Feng, founder and ex venture capitalist, names audience-monetizing creators, those who I call ‘self-publishers’, “Digitally Native Vertical Creators or DNVCs”. His Medium blogpost on new media platforms starts with some lines about the video industry. You may skip them till he comes to the headline “Digitally Native Vertical Creators”. From then on, he gives a thrilling inside into this ecosystem and some fascinating (though, I a am not sure, maybe a bit dubious) graphs about its growth. Who growths the fastest? According to this blogpost, it is OnlyFans!

Are you a podcaster thinking about getting paid for? Or a creator willing to reflect on the question of monetization via ads vs. audience payments? Then you should read this (open&free) blogpost of Ben Thompson. As self-publisher of Stratchery one of our great idols, anyway!

It’s some months ago, that Andreas Stegmann published a highly speculative, nonetheless intriguing calculation what Strachery might bring in for Ben Thompson. (Before costs: US$3M per year!) Now, he updated his post with regard to Ben’s new podcast venture Dithering.fm.

Lenny Rachitsky, Li Jin and Nathan Baschez are discussing ‘When should creators monetize?’ (Youtube, 5min) I am not sure if their experience yet suffices to tell the world that you shouldn’t charge as long as your content does not provide for your main income. I wouldn’t agree.

German membership service provider Steady has some advice on a similar question: How to figure out if your community is big enough for going paid? It is a marketing blogpost, sure. Still, I think it’s worth reading.