Why does Only Fans work? Will Substack work in the long run? Some good Q/A about going paid or not. And hefty advice for membership programs – suggested reading

At least with respect to the sheer quantity of successful (i.e. sustainable, making a living from it) self-publishers, women selling sex content via OnlyFans these days probably is by far the most remarkable phenomenon. The self-explanatory named Youtube-Channel F*ckonomics asks and answers a legit question: how comes that people at OnlyFans pay for stuff they can get for free elsewhere? 15 entertaining and enlightening minutes for monetizing self-publishers of any sort.

Napkin Math – a Substack newsletter – does some amazing maths on Substack. Ending with the crucial question: does it add up for Substack? Spoiler: it might not.

Sari Azout shares some thoughts about going paid vs. staying free. It’s worth having a look – not only because of the very visual staging of her arguments on projector.com. I would subscribe to some of her thoughts. But my prime impression is that too many of her charts start with ‘I want’. Usually that’s not what a successful venture is about. Rather, it should be ‘I give’ or ‘My audience wants’.

The Membership Puzzle Project, a collaboration of organizations, companies and publishers with memberships programs, published a Membership Guide. “With only a bit of hyperbole, we might say it’s everything we know”, they introduce this digital handbook, whose content reaches from ‘Getting Started’ over ‘Making the Business Case’ over ‘Growing Membership’ to ‘Retaining Members’. It’s really a lot of stuff, much more an online course than a resource to just have a look at. But it’s worth to dive into if you have some spare hours.


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