Can the 1,000 Fans Idea Save Musicians? Zoom Helps Monetize Video-Calls. A Labor Union for Influencers? An OF-Creator That Wowed Me – suggested reading

Music industry analyst Marc Mulligan recommends the ‘1,000 True Fans’ idea as a solution for event- and merch-revenue deprived musicians.

The leading online conferencing platform Zoom has launched onZoom, a platform (still in beta) where self-publishers can monetize any kind of live video session.

Remember the #Adpocalypse? Influencers are so much dependent upon the platforms and their algorithms. They do share a lot of common interests. But only rarely they band together. The Guardian reports that is changing.

The fascinating story of sex workers earning tons of money on OnlyFans is hardly a secret anymore. But if you think, that the whole secret of success there lies in posting personal NSFW-content and cashing in on it, you underestimate the fierce competition between OF-creators and the sheer overload of content on that platform. Ji Lin and Nathan Baschez managed to have one very successful OF-creator in their Means of Creation show. The level of self-reflection, her insights into the characteristics of OF-subs and the knowledge she shares about successful marketing strategies make listening to this interview with ‘Aella’ something you shouldn’t miss. In fact, I imagine that none of her OF-content would have made me say ‘wow!’ more often than her nailing down of the economics of publishing them.