sketch of MarkusThat’s me, Markus. I’ve managed to build a self-sustaining selfpublishing business. I started pv digest* in 2013. And since around end of 2014 I can make a decent living of it.

But what makes me think I might publish something useful to you is not that I’ve proven that I am able to create such kind of a business. Rather, it is that with pv digest already I am reporting about making people pay for content. About generating reader revenues, about memberships, about paywalls, paid content, supporter models, donations and other ways of monetizing journalism through making readers pay for it.

In pv digest I am reporting on exactly those kind of questions you are interested in.

Only that my reporting there is focused on publishing companies rather than self-publishers. Subscribers are companies rather than ordinary folks. I am asking them to pay rather business-like tariffs. And, maybe worse – pv digest is in German.

selfP is made for you – not for publishing companies. It comes in English. And at a reasonable price.

In the last years I wrote hundreds of reports on cases, techniques, tactics and strategies for monetizing content through paying audiences. My business subscribers profit from this kind of stories. selfP was born out of the question: Why shouldn’t the much bigger universe of self-publishers profit from what I’ve learned over the past years?

Publishing companies  once had a monopoly on making audiences pay. Today, there is a multitude of self-publishers who already earn money from their audiences. I am convinced that hundreds or thousands, maybe millions of creators are in a position to follow them. These self-publishers are publishing great content which often goes far beyond legacy publishing stuff like books, newspapers and magazines.

That was another reason for me to launch selfP. As a place where I can dive into the world of self-publishing, into the world of Twitch-streamers, vloggers, Instagramers, podcasters… you name it. This deep dive will be done following one single question: how can creators build up a steady flow of revenue coming from their audiences (fans, followers, supporters …).

To make a long story short: I’ll help you to monetize your audience. 

*for more info on pv digest: Laterpay, a payment service provider, has published a piece on how I am working with their solution to monetize my B2B-content.

**thanks to Gerd Altmann and to Pixabay for providing me with the colourful key visual I am using on the homepage, as favicon and more.