How selfP is monetized

I am planning to monetize selfP with your help (you, visitors of this website). At the beginning, shortly after launching this little venture, my posts and articles are for free. But by and by I will ask you to pay small amounts to support my work. I haven’t decided on how exactly I will do it yet. And probably I’ll take some detours and dead-ends before finding the best way to suit your and mine interests as far as possible.

Also, for the time being, this website comes without ads. I do not promise to never bother you with ads. selfP is focused on a dedicated niche and there might be advertisers with interesting offers for you (and me, obviously). What I do promise: if anybody would pay for any content to be published here, I’ll indicate this unmistakably. As long as you do not stumble across a clear indication that a piece of content on selfP is sponsored, you can rely on all of the content here representing my own research and opinion.