What if?

What if… is a series of questions I am using to break through common beliefs and only seemingly matters of course.

For the time being, I think many people have no problem to FOLLOW an INFLUENCER, they rather would pay attention to ads or paid posts. Only a minority PREFERS TO PAY their own money to support creators.

But at the same time, I am convinced, there are people who sense that being influenced is quite near to being manipulated. They may really like what a creator does, even like the very personality of the creator, but nonetheless would never accept to be called followers, like sheep following their shepherd, believers following a preacher or lemmings following other lemmings.

selfP is an invitation to rethink the ecosystem of creators, to reflect upon what and why you are doing and a resource if you think about going paid.

selfP is a platform for all creators trying to monetize their content with the help of their audience. Who prefer to entertain, inform, teach, connect rather than to INFLUENCE. Creators who are thinking of their audience as a community rather than a bunch of FOLLOWERS. Self-publishers who know that what they are doing is something worth PAYING FOR rather than being paid for turning over their audience to advertisers.